Stake your tokens on the DRIVENswap DeFi staking & farming platform to earn passive income, compound or harvest your rewards anytime!

What is DRIVENswap V2.0?

DRIVENswap is a platform that allows users to contribute to stake or farm pools and earn additional tokens in a passive manner. With the release of the platform's V2 version, we are pleased to provide listing possibilities to other projects who would like to run a staking or farming pool on our platform.

What is staking?

Staking pools are a widely utilized utility model in the decentralized financial industry and an excellent method to generate passive income from your current holdings.

The person who chooses to stake does so by locking their tokens inside a staking pool contract rather than keeping them in their wallet. Then, the staking pool contract will compensate the person for locking up tokens by gradually releasing more free tokens on top of the person's initial stake.

Listing guide for project developers

A blog article regarding the token listing on the DRIVENswap V2.0 platform may be found at this page.

If you are the project owner or a community member of a specific project, you may fill out this form and we will contact you shortly. You can also speak with one of our team members if you have any further questions before filling out the listing form.