DRIVENvault - Official Documentation

Additional details about DRIVENvault and DRIVENprotect

This is a living article, since certain things are subject to change, which means it will be updated over time. Any changes will be published on our social media channels and community chat groups.

What is the DRIVENvault?

The DRIVENvault will be the safest place for blockchain users (both experienced and novices) to store their assets and maintain complete control over them without the need for a hardware wallet.

What are the DRIVENvault's components?

DRIVENvault is a group of smart contracts (DRIVENvault, DRIVENprotect, and Cyber Knights NFT) that communicate with one another in real time to keep the user's assets safe.

Users' assets will be held in DRIVENvault. Each user that creates a DRIVENvault has their own smart contract. Users that opt to utilize DRIVENprotect for their vault will experience the same scenario. Unlike some of our rivals, we do not retain all assets in a single smart contract.

How will DRIVENvault and DRIVENprotect keep users' assets safe?

Only after DRIVENprotect authorizes the transaction request from DRIVENvault a transaction can take place. If DRIVENprotect does not authorize the transaction within 5 minutes of the request being made, it will be listed as timed out.

How do I access DRIVENvault and DRIVENprotect?

Everyone with a Metamask/TrustWallet (or any wallet that allows you to utilize DeFi dApps) account can access DRIVENvault, but only Cyber Knights NFT holders can create a DRIVENprotect account. You will also need a backup address for DRIVENprotect.

Why do I need a secondary address?

Because there are many novices and as many hackers/scammers who take advantage of their lack of understanding, a secondary address is necessary for the creation of DRIVENprotect.

Users' funds are safe while using DRIVENvault in conjunction with DRIVENprotect, even if a hacker gains access to one of its wallets.

What happens if one of my wallets is hacked?

If one of your wallets used to access DRIVENvault or DRIVENprotect is hacked, you can quickly remove it and replace it with another wallet.

What is DRIVENvault's influence on the DRIVENecosystem?

DRIVENvault will be available to everyone for free. DRIVENvault is safer than a traditional wallet on its own, but when combined with DRIVENprotect, a user's chance of getting hacked is greatly reduced.

In order to activate your DRIVENprotect account, you must have a Cyber-Knight NFT in your wallet and nothing else. By building demand, we will be able to raise the floor price of our NFT collection.

In addition, if you wish to purchase a Cyber-Knight NFT, you will need to have DRIVENx (our ecosystem's native token) in your wallet, thus we'll be creating demand for our token as well.

How much does it cost to set up a DRIVENvault with DRIVENprotect?

Holders of Cyber Knights NFTs will have free and unrestricted access to DRIVENvault, as previously stated. To ensure that our solution receives widespread adoption, we will make DRIVENvault and DRIVENprotect available to anyone who were unable to acquire a Cyber Knight NFT. By paying a nominal monthly charge, they will be able to activate DRIVENprotect. A portion of the revenue will be distributed to Cyber Knights NFT holders on a regular basis.

What happens if I don't pay the DRIVENprotect subscription fee?

Our hard-coded payment method will deactivate your DRIVENprotect if you stop paying the monthly subscription (activity required only for those who do not have a Cyber Knight NFT). That means you'll still be able to access your assets through DRIVENvault, but you won't have the added protection of DRIVENprotect.

What kind of tokens can be stored in the DRIVENvault?

You will be able to store the top 20 cryptocurrencies as well as the two primary tokens of our ecosystem: DRIVENx and MELONx, right from the start. Later, we'll begin to form strategic collaborations with other projects, allowing users to store and manage their tokens in their DRIVENvault. The community will be able to recommend tokens/coins for us to add to the DRIVENvault. Our users will be safe from dust attacks as a result of this.

Is DRIVENvault capable of accepting reflections?

You will be able to store tokens that give dividends/reflections for their holders if you put them in your DRIVENvault.

Is there a fee to deposit tokens?

This is determined by the developers of the tokens you wish to deposit. You will not be charged fees on deposit/withdrawal transactions if the token you intend to deposit has no fees on transfers.

What are the DRIVENvault's additional features?

Beginning with V1.0, each DRIVENvault user will be able to select a username that will be associated with their address. The user will be able to transfer and receive payments from other users without having to copy and paste their addresses every time.

What are the DRIVENvault stages?

The DRIVENecosystem development team is currently working on the prototype's UI while the smart contracts are being tested.

We will start approaching private investors and DeFi incubators when we publish a completely working prototype in order to expand our development team and achieve notoriety in the crypto world. In order to generate traction and visibility for our solution, we will also begin looking for collaborations with other DeFi initiatives.

We will begin integrating the main DEXs (i.e. Uniswap, Pancakeswap) on every blockchain where we will launch our product in order to make the swapping feature available to our users starting with version 2.0 of DRIVENvault. We will also have charts for the supported assets in V2.0.

Our aim is to add staking/farming providers starting with V3.0, so our customers won't have to put their assets back into their wallets to carry out such tasks.

Will the DRIVENteam have access to my digital assets or vault?

The DRIVENteam is a firm believer in decentralization, which we believe is what makes blockchain technology so appealing. The user will be the only one who has access to his assets.

Solution at the Enterprise Level

Enterprise clients will have their own DRIVENvault solution. This version will also have an escrow account. For additional information, please contact us at