How to mint a Cyber Knight NFT

Guide for minting the Cyber Knight NFT

Minting of Cyber Knights will go live on April 5th at 9 pm CET. In this blog post, we will show you how to mint a Cyber Knight in only a few simple steps.

Our minting platform allows you to mint an NFT from both BNB Smart Chain and Polygon, where the Cyber Knights NFT factory smart contract is deployed. For the sake of this tutorial, we will use the BNB Smart Chain as an example because it is used by the majority of our community members.

You will need BEP20 MATIC to mint a Cyber Knight from the BNB Smart Chain, which you can easily acquire through Pancakeswap by swapping BNB or any other asset for MATIC. You can also get it through a centralized exchange, such as Binance and transfer it to your wallet address (take attention to which network you are sending your MATIC). If you want to mint Cyber Knight straight from the Polygon blockchain, you will need ERC20 MATIC, which you can acquire from any centralized exchange.

Acquire MATIC directly from Pancakeswap by clicking here.

MATIC Contract Address (BNB Smart Chain): 0xcc42724c6683b7e57334c4e856f4c9965ed682bd

How to mint a Cyber Knight NFT?

To mint a Cyber Knight NFT, you need to install a cryptocurrency wallet like Trust Wallet (you can also use any other wallet that has a BNB and MATIC blockchain support).

List of wallets that support the Polygon blockchain can be found here.

There are multiple cryptocurrency wallets including Trust Wallet, MetaMask, SafePal and more. For the purpose of this guide, we will use Trust Wallet.

1. Go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download Trust Wallet.

2. After you have downloaded the app, create a wallet, write down your seed phrase and store it somewhere safe. DO NOT SHARE IT WITH ANYONE

2. Acquire Smart Chain BNB, MATIC and DVX

To mint a Cyber Knight NFT, the user must have 3,500 DVX in their wallet (you must unstake your tokens if they have been staked); here is a guide on how to get DVX using Pancakeswap or Flooz Trade (the procedure of getting MATIC through Pancakeswap is the same).

MATIC BEP20 Contract Address:


You can go on to the next step once you have the required amount of MATIC (60 on presale and 100 on public sale) for minting and 3,500 DVX in your wallet. You will also need some BNB Smart Chain to cover the gas costs ($1-5, depending on the network).

3. Minting the NFT on the Cyber Knights minting platform

1. Open up a new window in the browser.

2. In the URL, type in and click on Go. Now minting platform will be open.

3. Tap "MINT YOUR NFT" at the middle of your screen.

4. A new pop-up window will appear; read the note carefully before clicking "GET STARTED".

5. Choose a network that you would love to use for minting (we will use Binance Smart Chain for this tutorial)

6. Connect your wallet to the platform, we will use WalletConnect, but you can also connect straight through your wallet's dApp browser.

7. Now click "Connect" and choose your wallet (we will use Trust Wallet)

8. Now you will be routed to your wallet app, where you willsee a connection confirmation screen; make sure to click "Connect" in your wallet app.

Cyber Knights minting platform is now connected to your Trust Wallet.

9. You can now return to your browser and the verification of the DVX in your wallet will begin immediately; if you have enough DVX in your wallet, you will be routed to the minting step.

10. Once you've reviewed the minting fees, click "MINT NFT" (this screen will be sligtly different on launch since for this tutorial we are not using the live version of the platform).

11. You will be directed to your wallet application to pay the fees; once you have reviewed them, click "Approve" and the minting process will begin.

12. After your transaction is approved, you can return to your browser and you will see an animation of the minting process. Once the minting is complete, you will receive a notification stating that your Cyber Knight has been successfully minted.

13. By clicking "GO TO OPENSEA", you can go to OpenSea and connect with your wallet to review your newly minted Cyber Knight

NOTE: If you are minting NFT via the BNB Smart Chain, be aware that it may take a few minutes for NFT to appear on your OpenSea account.

If you would love to learn more about Cyber Knights and their utility, make sure to check out the utility announcement article from our blog by clicking here.

We are only two days away from the launch of Cyber Knights minting platform, and we would love to see you all at the Twitter Space that our team will host on Tuesday at 10 pm CET (1 hour after the start of minting), so make sure to set a reminder here.