Cyber Knights: Protect Your Crypto with NFTs

DRIVENvault and DRIVENprotect, powered by Cyber Knights NFTs.

As we are approaching the one-year anniversary of DRIVENecosystem, we are excited to announce a major milestone on our journey to build a B2B platform so we can normalize cryptocurrency in the business world. The security of our future clients’ assets are very important to us, so for the past year we have been working on building the infrastructure needed for this utility, and are finally able to announce the first step to our secure payment platform: DRIVENvault and DRIVENprotect, powered by Cyber Knights NFTs.

What is an NFT?

NFT is an acronym for Non-Fungible Token, which to most people is just a bunch of nonsense words. A simple comparison to understand the concept of an NFT would be a collection of rare US pennies. At the time of minting, the pennies will be all worth $0.01, or one cent. However, if you are a coin collector, you will know that each penny you own actually has a different market value. Because of this, each penny, even though they are part of the same group, has its own individual value. Plus, although I can own many pennies, each one of them is a unique object. 

In simple terms, an NFT is basically just another cryptocurrency, and instead of each unit being the same value, as is the case with 1 BTC, they are each unique and therefore have their own value. Although current NFTs are mainly just a glorified image, what makes them different from the pennies in the comparison above is that they cannot be counterfeited. This attribute is what makes them an ideal tool for securing digital assets.

DRIVENvault and DRIVENprotect

Planned for a release later this year, our 2 dapps DRIVENvault and DRIVENprotect will be a place to store and secure your most sensitive cryptocurrency assets, all powered by NFT technology. Think of DRIVENvault as a more secure version of a wallet, where any assets you have can only be transferred out with your approval. Although this solution is much more secure than your traditional wallet, at DRIVENecosystem we believe in taking every precaution you can when it comes to your crypto, and that’s why we invented DRIVENprotect.

DRIVENvault & DRIVENprotect

If a user has a Cyber Knight NFT, they can activate it with DRIVENprotect; an integrated multi-factor authentication tool powered by NFTs. With this activated, nothing can leave your vault without going through this multifactor authentication. This means that even if your vault is compromised, a hacker will still not have access to the assets inside. Unsuccessful attempts will be logged for the user in order to bring awareness to a potential failure of one of their security methods, and the user can quickly change their authentication parameters.

You can mint a Cyber Knights NFT on the Polygon Network through DRIVENecosystem’s upcoming minting platform. The private sale requires 3,500 DVX in your wallet for access, and 60 MATIC to mint (plus gas fees). Both Polygon MATIC and BEP-20 MATIC can be used to mint the NFT through our proprietary Polygon minting platform. There are a total of 10,000 Cyber Knights and details for the public sale will follow.

Why This Matters?

We believe that in order to facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain technology, we must create solutions that positively impact an average person’s life. While this utility is the way payments will be secured and transferred on our future platform, it also provides a scalable solution to protect any form of digital data one might have. We recognize that NFT technology can be used to secure everything from personal identifying information to protecting your bank card, making debit card spoofing a thing of the past. Through DRIVEN Blockchain Solutions, we aim to assist in helping organizations implement custom blockchain-based solutions into their existing systems in order to add another layer of security for any digital information they have.

We are excited about meeting this milestone, and what it means for the future of cryptocurrency in business applications. Please keep an eye on our Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and website for updates.